Using Creative Tension to Achieve Your Goals in Business

You have used a Personal Goal Setting Program and you have created your goals. You are wondering how to keep them at the forefront of your mind. You know about the positive affirmations, but you just feel stupid when you are doing them. I know you believe me that it really works, but that doesn’t help. Let me tell you again, we learn things because of three things, emotional attachment, association and repetition.

When you followed the program you will have determined what difference these goals that you have set will make in your life – that’s the emotional part. By using the Web of Success, you will have formed associations in your mind that links your goal to where you are now, and formed a next steps program to move you towards that goal. In order to see the opportunities that will move you towards your goal you need to build the creative tension between where you are now and where you want to get to. But remember this can also be dangerous.

Increasing the Creative Tension can also increase the Emotional Tension. And you will know, if you have completed the program, that emotional tension is what stops you going after your dreams. To prevent it, you need to focus on where you want to get to, not where you are. To put it another way, focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. We do that by always keeping our goals in the forefront of our minds. The bigger the gap between where you are and where you want to get to, then the greater the tension created. But only if you are aware of the gap deep in your non-conscious brain. (Remember, this is where five sixths of your brain operates, so get it working for you rather than against you.) How do we get it deep in there? Emotion, Association and Repetition.

This is why it is important to write down your goals, do your affirmations, and remain open to the opportunities around you. Have you put that thing on your bathroom mirror that I told you to? Do you keep your special list in your purse or your wallet? Is your notebook prepared like I suggested? All of these things are more important than setting the goal in the first place. If you have forgotten what I am talking about, then go back and review your Personal Goal Setting Program. Lots of people set goals every year. We call them New Year’s Resolutions. But how many of them actually achieve their resolutions? Very few. Why? Emotion, Association and Repetition.

If you use a computer, which most of us do these days (If not, how are you reading this) then I might have an answer for you. It is called Goal Genie This is one of those programs that you wonder if it will be worth the money (although it is actually quite cheap). It is a very simple program. You load your goals into it and it displays your goals on your computer screen at a frequency that you set up.

Every time you switch on your computer you get a visual reminder of the goal that you have set yourself. If you have read some of the other articles on the site you will know by now that the brain operates on association, repetition and emotion. One of the hardest concepts to get across to people is the need to write down their goals and read them on a regular basis. This simple piece of software gets you to do just that.

So if you have followed the Personal Goal Setting Program to the end you will have identified your goals. These will be tied to some form of emotional need. They will also be associated with specific parts of your life. So that just leaves the repetition. From the feedback I get I know that this is the hardest part. I know you believe me when I tell you you have to keep focusing on your goal in order to achieve it. Perhaps this simple tool will help you to build the creative tension you need in order to achieve your goals.

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